Room Cleaning and Sanitation

It’s imperative that we follow the guidelines and make sure we keep Covid and all Bugs out of our Room: We spend about $9000/ yr. on Cleaning and Chemicals. Thay’s a lot of dough. It’s the best smelling and cleanest Dressing Room in the Country and why:


Twice in the last 3 months; one shower was left on. That adds up to one hell of a lot of water running  for approximately 20 hours. It adds up to a cold shower experience plus less hot water to flood and water is costly. Plus an angry call to me! So please-turn the water… Continue reading Showers

Unauthorized use of stalls

Gentlemen:  the assigned stalls in the dressing room are to be used only by the player assigned to it.  There is to be no stall sharing. As per our Stall Sanitation policy.  If you do not have an assigned stall you are to use the extra dressing rooms 1 or 2. Keys are provided to the… Continue reading Unauthorized use of stalls

Stalls for split session

Gentlemen and players of hockey with assigned stalls.If you’re splitting along monthly line (ie January and February or March and April) You will have your stall for the month you are playing however you will be required to clean out your stall for the month you are not here.Please contact me with your stall-splitting time-table.Thank you… Continue reading Stalls for split session

Clean Up

Clean up Socializing is allowed but in a smart mode We do not have people hired to clean up garbage, bottle, cans and messy aisles Richard is hired to clean the showers, spray the room plus mop and vacuum; not be a maid. Please help and clean up your mess if you made it Thx… Continue reading Clean Up

Stalls Update

The stall allocations are in effect on Monday Oct 31. I will move the Name Plates as required. If you are leaving a stall or are moving from one stall to another please clean the stall as per the league stall cleaning protocols (see website). IF YOU HAVE A PERMANENT STALL YOUR NAME IS NOT… Continue reading Stalls Update

Dressing Room Upgrades

We will be doing some dressing room upgrades over the next 6 weeks: Floors The floors will be stripped, cleaned and rewaxed plus the carpets removed and cleaned Therefore—the dressing room will be shut down from 8:00 am Friday July 8 till Monday July 11 at noon. Please keep away. If you have something to… Continue reading Dressing Room Upgrades

GW beer

Great Western is our beer sponsor for the league, so when purchasing any beer products this summer consider buying Great Western products and keep the receipts. We have a red coffee can marked Great Western at the rink and you can  put your receipts in there. We receive a case of beer for every 12… Continue reading GW beer

Beer Fridge

To all summer hockey players and the teams going to Kamloops. When I arrived at the rink this morning , to my dismay someone who played yesterday left the beer fridge door open. This is the second time this has happened in the past few weeks. It doesn’t take much effort to make sure the … Continue reading Beer Fridge

Stalls over summer

If you are not using your stall over the summer, please remove your equipment. (This is a request only)The three teams are practicing for the big games in August and would appreciate if all the players had a stall to use.Thank you from all your pals. Michael Cebryk

Stall allocation

Stall allocation for May to September As of Monday, May2, I will be putting the permanent stall members names up. If you want to use a stall please talk with the member to ensure they will not be using it.Have a great summer. See some of you at the golf tournament in June.I will be… Continue reading Stall allocation

Great Western Brewery Receipts

Great Western Brewery is our beer sponsor for our league and through their generous support we can keep our beer prices where they are at. When purchasing any beer related products please consider buying any Great Western product.Please keep your receipt and there is a red coffee can at the rink marked beer receipts and… Continue reading Great Western Brewery Receipts

Cleaning the Stalls

You clean your vehicle because you see the dirt. The difference with the stall is you do not see the dirt (bacteria and other nasty stuff) however you might smell it. If your equipment or towels or your stall has a smell it isn’t sweat, it’s the excrement of the bacteria and its friends. So… Continue reading Cleaning the Stalls

Stall cleanliness

Reminder DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING ON THE FLOORRick comes to clean and he has to pick up after you.If he wanted to he could put whatever is on the floor in a garbage  and trash it.However he just has to stop and pick up after you.Please help him by picking up after yourself.Thank you. The Stall… Continue reading Stall cleanliness

Stall waiting list

Gentlemen To maintain, keep. your position on the stall waiting list you must be a member of the league.Thus you must pay the $30 annual fee.If you are on Injury Reserve (IR) you must let me know.The current list will be updated November 1st.If I have not heard from you I will assume you are… Continue reading Stall waiting list