President’s Message

September 2022

Hi Everyone—looks like September Hockey is ready to go. Shortly you’ll receive sign-up notices. For some—It’s been a long haul and I’m sure everyone is excited to get back on the ice. Congrats to all those who skated at Schroh. Congrats to all the players now playing Summer Hockey and also to those going to Kamloops for the Canadian 55+ Summer Games in late August. Your Executive recently met and have put the following in place regarding Covid updates, Session Timeline changes and some other news and highlites.

 2022/ 2023 Session Timelines: Note only 4 Sessions from Sept 2022 till the end of April 2023.

  • Session 1—Sept 5–October 28, 2022—( 8 weeks / 16 games )
  • Session 2—October 31—December 23, 2022—( 8 weeks / 16 Games )
  • Session 3—January 2—March 3, 2023–( 8 weeks / 16 games ).

This 3rd Session timeline is really 9 weeks; we lose a week during spring break and hockey camps; but still play 8 weeks/ 16 games in this Session.

  • Session 4—March 6–April 28, 2023—( 8 weeks / 16 games ) 

Protocols and Vaccinations

  • After a recent Executive Meeting— your Executive has voted and will continue to  Mandate that only those players who have been Double Vaccinated will be allowed to play. Hopefully you will understand and appreciate that we strongly feel that it is in the best interest of the 60+ league and our Membership. Safety of our players has always been and will continue to be Priority 1.
  • Updated Guidelines and Protocols are attached beginning in September. Please read over carefully. Reminder; we have our Equipment Cleaning Machine ready to go; please use it as it is the way to go!!. If you’re anxious to use it or want more information—call Ken Crump—306 291 7868. And of course; regular weekly cleaning will still happen in our room to ensure we are bug free. For those asking; we pay a cleaner $125 weekly to clean, vacuum and spray. 

New Vice-President

Ed Sully’s duties as Vice-President expired at the end of April 2022. We thank Ed for all his years of service and we’ll honor Ed at our upcoming Annual General Meeting later this year. Congratulations Ed on a job well done!!! Harve Birns has accepted the position of Vice-President commencing immediately. Congratulations Birnsy!!


My duties as President expired at the end of April, 2022 as well. Until one is appointed or nominated—I’m staying on till the end of the year.

Annual Meeting / Christmas Party

  • The Annual General Meeting will be scheduled for Oct or Nov.—keep you posted on the date.
  • Christmas Party is confirmed for Thursday December 15, 2022 at the WDM. More info on this to come including ticket costs, timelines, etc. Mark your Calendars.

September/ October 2022– Rosters, Schedules and Fees

  • Expect the sign-up sheets to be up in the dressing room soon.
  • Ron Dagert will be sending out timelines and deadlines asap. 
  • Fees at $10/ game remain. Membership Fee of $30 remain. Sub Fees of $10/game remain as well.


  • Our Referee-in-Chief- Brian Obed has informed the Executive that the volunteers who have stepped up to referee are doing a great job and thanks you all! But he adds; could be better and hopefully it will improve by huge numbers.

Brian’s suggestion is pretty simple—please make an effort to Referee at least once prior to Xmas and was in the New Year! If everyone did that; he would be an extremely happy guy! Everyone please step-up and participate beginning this September. Volunteers keep our Fees low!!!

CARHA Insurance / Annual Membership Fees

  • Our Annual membership fees of $30 is paid by you only once. Those playing in both the 50+ and 60+ leagues only pay it once to whichever League they choose; CARHA keeps track as their names are sent by both leagues. We suggest you pay us; if you pay your CARHA Insurance Fees to the 50+ league—we’ll still charge you a $30 membership. So, do the math—pay it to us!!!

CARHA Waiver Forms-still in effect and must be signed each year.

 Policy and Procedure/ Waiver Forms Package      

  • We are currently working to have this in place and in your hands for your 1st game in September.
  • Within this document will be CARHA info and Waiver Form, 60+ Waiver Form, Policy and Procedures plus other info being worked on. Your team Captains will be passing these out.


  • Don’t hesitate to call me or any of our Executive Members regarding areas of concern or to offer suggestions to make this League work even better!
  • The Website contains all the Executive Members, Officers and Volunteer’s information regarding phone numbers and duties as listed. Be sure to read and use your Website often.–

The Password– for the protected Directories as they have phone numbers is— …


Just a retired guy creating and maintaining a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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