Sign-up Fall 2022

Signup sheets for Session #1 will be at the Rink today June 24th 

This session is from Sept 6th to Oct 28th  which is 8 weeks for 16 games.

There are only two ways to sign up: 

Preferred way is at the rink if you are unable to make it to the rink in the next 7 weeks 

There are two binders at the rink please read and make sure you sign in the right binder. One binder for full time players and full-time players that also want to sub  And the other binder for those that which to sub only. 

Please Check the appropriate box or boxes and that will help us to make up the teams. If you would be willing to play line 1 or Line 2 also line 2 or line 3. If you are subbing, we need your phone # there is a spot on the sheets for that.

You can email to the following three people. Please send to all three 

Ron Dagert 

Jim Greenshields

Mike Chirpilo

Please add complete details if you are emailing line or lines to play position preferred And your phone # if subbing. 

Thank you for signing up and have a great 2022-2023 hockey season 

Deadline to sign up is Friday Aug 12th 


Just a retired guy creating and maintaining a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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