Sept-Oct schedule

Attached to the email are the Captains letter (everyone please read) and Team Rosters, Sub List and Schedule.

This session is 16 games at $10.00 game or $160.00 

Also everyone is required to pay a $30.00 yearly fee due on the first game you play.

You are required to pay the $30.00 if you want to remain an active player in our league. 

Thank you team captains .

Also thanks to the players that are playing a position that they normally don’t play and also those players that have been moved from one line to another. This certainly helps when making up team rosters. We try to put everyone where they want to play but numbers just do not work at times.

Big Thanks to all that helped get this out Jim, Mike, Richard, Michael, Peter, Stan, Ernie, Michael C and Brian.         

Enjoy the Sept Oct session and see you at the rink . 

Your roster committee Ron D Jim G and Mike C 

By Phil MacIntyre

A retired guy creating and helping to maintain a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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