Captain’s & Goalies

CARHA and League Waivers:

On Tuesday there will be a box on the counter containing your team envelope (Team # on envelope) with all the forms plus an envelope for the cheques. ($160 for hockey + $30 Annual Membership). 
When you have all the forms signed, please return your team envelope to the smaller box “Completed Team Waivers”.
You do not need to seal the envelopes.
I will pick up the envelopes daily and give the money to Brian.

You have an envelope in Michael’s stall.
Please take a set of forms and return the signed forms to the envelope.
Your cheque can go into the white envelope. I have included a white envelope for each of you.
I will clear the envelope of signed forms and cheque envelopes daily.

Thank you for your cooperation in getting each of you and your team mates registered.

CARHA coordinator

By Phil MacIntyre

A retired guy creating and helping to maintain a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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