Subs/spares and Goalies

Your Executive met Thursday to review many items and to get ready for our AGM  (Annual General Meeting); which will be held in October—date and times to be announced.

Based on our conversations and feedback from the Membership—your Executive is implementing the following immediately:

  • The sub/spare list is becoming a problem in managing it as well as keeping our rosters competitive.
  • Google Groups cannot be used to get your subs. Too many players are complaining about the endless emails that you are sending out to everyone. Use the Website to find your subs please. No Google Group Emails to find subs.
  • Use the sub list on the 60+ Website. There is also a printed copy on the board at the rink.
  • The Website is    The Password to get into the Directories or Sub list (as the phone numbers are password protected); is Crump—with a Capital “C”.
  • Subs can be dialed up by using the Sub Directory;  or by using your cell phone and the Player Directory from the Website.
  • As mentioned, the sub list is getting huge and hard to manage—Players playing full time for any session will not be added to the sub list. You are playing full time—if you want more games and willing to sub more ofter—they will find you.
  • You can only sub on a line that you would normally play full time on the roster. You will not be allowed to sub on more than one line. Exceptions would be—a 2nd liner could sub on Line 1 if if required. Another exception would be

3 rd line—we have no subs for 3rd line; therefore certain players on 2nd line will be made available if required.

  • Try your best to use the Sub list first please. If you can’t find one—use a full time player or trade. But keep your pick within the same line please.
  • Reminder—anyone subbing—fee is $10.
  • Use the Website please—it was designed for you and Have FUN !!

Goalies—Our two Goalie Coordinators—Mike Rohatynski and Peter Rolston-have informed me that we have more goalies available than ever before. We even have two or more on the sub list.

Naturally; these goalies wish to play 2 games a week just like everyone else. So, we need more teams please.

We can handle 3 or 4 more teams tomorrow. So; for next session; try your best to find a way to sign up full time. Split a session if you have to—but let’s form more teams.

Have fun, stay healthy and play Safe!!!

Ken C


Just a retired guy creating and maintaining a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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