50/50 Salvation Army/ Subs

Beginning Monday Oct 3 we will begin the 50/50 draw for the Salvation Army:

  • The draw for the Salvation Army will go for all Oct, Nov and Dec.
  • This contribution will be in honour of the players we have lost in the year 2022. So far, we have 7.
  • The names along with our contribution will appear in the Star Phoenix Sporting Christmas Section
  • 10 tickets for $5.00—2 pails on the counter—one for money and the other for your 10 tickets.
  • It’s an honour system—be sure and save $5 a week; it’s a great cause.
  • I’ll do the draw either Mon or Tues of each week.
  • Winners name and ticket no. will appear on the board; if no winner in a few days; we’ll send out an email.
  • Do your best to support it please!!!

Subs- as pointed out earlier we have tons of subs and in the need of full time players.

So, as of tomorrow—Sept 28/ 2022—no new players will be allowed to join our league if you only wish to subWe will take full time players only.

Full time means—playing Full time for a minimum of 2 sessions out of 4.

This is temporary and for sure till the end of 2022. Your Executive will review this in the new year.

Thanks Everyone-Ken C-

By pmacintyre10@gmail.com

Just a retired guy creating and maintaining a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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