New Sign Up Binders

All 60 plus Hockey Players 

Note Dealine to sign up is Friday Dec 9th not Feb 10th

  Sign up Binders are now at the rink for Session # 3 Which will run from January 2nd until March 3rd 2023.

Please follow instructions on the cover of the binders.

White Binder Full time Players only

Red Binder Sub Players Only.

This will be an 8 week Schedule 16 games 

Final Deadline to Sign Up will Be Friday Dec 9th.  

***Note No games the week of February 20th to 24th School Break 

Time to take Grandkids to Disneyland. 

If you are unable to make it to the rink please email the following.

Jim Greenshields

Mike Chirpilo

Ron Dagert 

Any concerns with how the Team Rosters, Scheduling or Sub Lists are handled Make sure you are at the AGM on Nov 17th at 2:30pm to bring them up.

Thanks see you at the AGM

Ron D 

By Phil MacIntyre

A retired guy creating and helping to maintain a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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