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For the last while we have limited new players coming into our league if they only wished to sub. Reason beingwas we wanted more full time players to make more teams to accommodate our increase in goalies.

Now changed—we want to build this league and we will take them as a sub. Of course, we’ll encourage them to play full time or at least split.  

So, if new players ask—call, email or text me and we’ll get them signed up; fees paid and waiver forms signed.

Player Movement

At our executive meeting on Wednesday, January 18, we passed a motion giving the authority to our team roster committee to move players if necessary. We need to keep line 3  players up to 25 as a minimum but our new  goal is 30. Therefore we might need to move line 2 players to line 3. It might also be necessary to ask line 1 players to move to line 2. There are some line 1 and line 2 players who have consented already. “ Use me wherever ” they say. Hopefully this can all take place with consent, but if necessary they can be moved.

Our executive and executive volunteers are listed in the executive directory. If you have strong feelings about this contact any one of our executive.

Referee Guidelines

Have been updated on the website.  It’s a guide for new referees and old and everyone in the league should read them. They are attached as well.  It explains the penalties for a “Whistle Game” vs a “Change -on-the -Fly Game” and other 60+ League only rules that are different and unique. There are a few new rules in place. There is also an index to easier locate topics on the Website.

Our main goal is Player Safety and Fun for All!! Any questions, concerns or clarification— please call or respond to Brian Obed—our Referee Coordinator

Thx Ken C

By Phil MacIntyre

A retired guy creating and helping to maintain a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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Peter Martens

Details of Free Skate time please, if still available.
Thank you

Phil M

I will check into that.

Phil M
  • Wed and Fridays –8:30 ish—9:15 am
  • Goes to the end of this session –end of Feb
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