Room Cleaning and Sanitation

It’s imperative that we follow the guidelines and make sure we keep Covid and all Bugs out of our Room:

We spend about $9000/ yr. on Cleaning and Chemicals. Thay’s a lot of dough. It’s the best smelling and cleanest Dressing Room in the Country and why:

  • Why—because we take all our wet stuff home after every game. This means towels, underwear and the sweater and socks we wear that game.
  • Guys wearing real ref sweaters—they must go home after each use as well. Others wear “bibs” and those using– take a fresh one each time.
  • Everyone please must follow this mandate.
  • Spray your equipment after every game with the spray bottles. No need to spray Tuesdays and Fridays as Richard sprays using our Electrostatic Sprayer. The sprayer is 99% effective in killing Covid and All Bugs.
  • We want to keep everyone Safe!!
  • Thanks in advance everyone—ken c


Just a retired guy creating and maintaining a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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