Expansion Room Update

The Executive met with Darren on April 12 to discuss Expansion as we wanted to get something out to you prior to the summer break.

The following took place or agreed upon at this time:

  • We had two choices to expand—outside or inside the building One was taking out some bleachers and get about 30 stalls or expand and open the wall out to the North-West Corner. The outside expansion was agreed upon by both parties. Hopefully around 80 stalls or more.
  • Size of the expansion, steel, costs, etc. are being worked on by Darren. There are many options—free standing with a hallway from our dressing room or to attach. If it’s attached—pylons, etc. all come into play which of course would effect the costs. Hopefully we should have costs and size soon.
  • We have expressed to Darren that we—the 60+ league be active in the build. I believe we have the expertise to help and the volunteers to get the job done.
  • Once we have the info and some options we’ll keep you in the loop.
  • Same with costs and how do we raise the dollars.
  • Total transparency is assured. We will keep you informed and if need be; call special meetings with you to get your opinions, give you options and what’s happening so far.
  • Your Vice-President—Harve Birns has been put in charge to coordinate activities and information between Darren and the 60+ league. Call or talk to Harve if you have questions or concerns. We do not want 299 guys converging on Darren and taking up too much of his time..
  • Your opinions and questions are important to us; keep the communication lines open!
  • Looks like Expansion is in our near future!!!      Thx Ken C

By Phil MacIntyre

A retired guy creating and helping to maintain a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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