Cleaning the Stalls

You clean your vehicle because you see the dirt.

The difference with the stall is you do not see the dirt (bacteria and other nasty stuff) however you might smell it.

If your equipment or towels or your stall has a smell it isn’t sweat, it’s the excrement of the bacteria and its friends.

So this is how you get rid of the bacteria and friends from your stall:

Step 1. Get the red pail from under the counter. The pail should have disposable

gloves, scrub pads, and a large sponge.

Step 2. Get a Bioesque hand sprayer. Have enough Bioesque in the bottle to be able to spray a layer of Bioesque on all stall surfaces.

Step 3. Empty your stall of all your hockey equipment and accessories.

Step 4. Spray Bioesque on all stall surfaces then use the scrub pads to scrub down those nasty surfaces. 

Step 5. Use the large sponge and water to rinse the stall surfaces.

The Scrubbing breaks down the buildup of those nasty bacteria and a film that protects them called biofilm.

Now you should have a more pleasant-smelling stall.

For your equipment, socks, jock etc. we have the cleaning Machine in the Shroh office (you can clean your equipment while you clean your stall). Ask anyone in the office how it works, simple and easy process.

You might end up smelling like a rose and skating faster because of the reduced weight of your equipment.

Stay Healthy.


Just a retired guy creating and maintaining a website for a local group of ice hockey players.

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