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Captain’s Letter composed by Ron Dagert

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April 2022 Captain’s letter

To all Team Captains; Goalie and Referee Coordinators:
Hi Team Captains: Thanks for volunteering!
This session 4 weeks 8 Games
• Game starting times—9:30; 11:05 and 12:40
• 3 games per day Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
• 2 games Tuesday and Thursday.
• 20 minutes between games
Note: Short Week April 11th to April 14th
No Games Good Friday April 15th
4 games Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th

3 Games Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th

Games times this week only (8:30) (10:05) (11:40) and (1:15)

** Captains please work with Referees to make sure games start on
time. Have Referees Start the CLOCK at game TIME even if teams or
goalies are not ready.
Team Roster Sub List and Schedule are attached.
Captains only have 4 other players to worry about. Nice Touch!
There will be a few hard copies at the rink prior to April 4th for those
players without email addresses or printers. Most players can print
their own at home.
• • The extra copies will be on the counter in a brown envelope—
Help Yourself
• • Reminder: This Session is 4 weeks of hockey 8 games
• April 4th, to April 29th, 2022
• $10/game or $80.00
• •
• Always Check your schedules Closely!!!
• • Reminder: —All Spares pay $10 per game even if you
are full-time or splitting. If you spare/sub for someone; you
must pay the $10 fee. Envelopes are provided, deposit it in
the grey safe on the counter.
• • Membership Fee–$30: Everyone pays including refs,
goalies, and all regular players _–Memberships are due when
you play your 1st game or sub. If you are not playing due to
many reasons—everyone is still responsible to pay your
Membership Fee. To be a Member of this League—everyone
must pay the yearly Membership Fee
This is a one-time yearly fee only.
Please pay your Session Dues by Cheque– to your Captain
(listed on your Roster Sheet). Please make cheques payable
to “Saskatoon 60+ Hockey”
Please DO NOT pay cash unless necessary. That being—you
do not have or use cheques.
Policies and Procedures
• • You will be receiving a package which have the Policies and
Procedures of our League, Guidelines and Protocols for Covid and
cleaning and 2 waiver forms.

• • Keep in mind there are still some strains present thus most
Precautions and Protocols are still in effect. Please read them over

• • Mask mandate is now in effect. Masks must be worn in the
shared areas of Schroh Arena and in our 60+ Dressing Room. Masks
do not need to be used when playing.
• • Once you sign your 60+ Waiver Form –you are consenting that
you fully understand and will follow all Rules, the Constitution,
Guidelines and Protocols as written.
• • The CARHA Waiver Form for your Insurance needs to be
signed as well. Once you sign it and pay your $30 Membership Fee;
we will send it to CARHA, and you will be insured from
• Sept 1st, 2021, till Sept 30, 2022.
New Suggestion for Captains—We would like to do more with our e-mail opportunity. However, not all players have email.
Therefore, once we send out the schedules and rosters to all players with email, we will ask the players to email or phone their Captains that they have received the information. Those not responding to their captains via e-mail or phone, will then have to be called via the
captains. This will shorten the captains’ workload.
If the respondents are slow getting back to you, I suggest you phone
them no later than Friday before the Session starts. Let them know their day and time for their 1st game. They should then bring a cheque.
Any questions or players that you cannot contact; call me and I will
Spares- as a reminder; one of your duties is to make sure you remind
anyone sparing on your team to be sure and pay the $10 Spare Fee plus the $30 membership Fee if they have not paid already. If one chooses a spare off the spare list, he needs to pay for playing. The Player being spared for does not pocket the $$$, it must go to the 60+ League. We all work hard to keep the fees low such as no Honorariums for the Executive, smallest dollars paid to our referees and lots of players volunteering their free time to do the little extras, such as you. Therefore, it is imperative that we collect every dollar to make sure we cover our budget and keep the fees low. I am sure you will follow up and collect those much appreciated spare fees.

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