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Captain’s Letter composed by Ron Dagert

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Nov/Dec 2022 Captain’s letter

To all Team Captains; Goalie and Referee Coordinators:

All Team Captains: Thanks for volunteering!

This session 8 weeks 16 Games

  • Game starting times Mondays only
  • 4 Games 8:30 10:00 11:30 1:00pm
  • 15 Minutes between games

  • Games Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday
  • 3 games 9:30 11:05 12:40
  • 20 minutes between games

Note: Short Week Nov 7th to Nov 11th, 2022

No Games Friday Nov 11th Remembrance Day

4 Games Each Day

Games times (8:30) (10:00) (11:30) and (1:00)

Referees, please Start the CLOCK at game TIME even if teams or goalies are not ready.

Team Roster Sub List and Schedule are attached.

Captains only have 4 other players to worry about. Nice Touch!

There will be a few hard copies at the rink prior to Oct 31st for those players without email addresses or printers. Most players can print their own at home.

  • The extra copies will be on the counter in a brown envelope—Help Yourself

Reminder: This Session is 8 weeks of hockey 16 games

  • Oct 31stto Dec 23rd, 2022
  • $10/game or $160.00
  • Always Check your schedules Closely!!!

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