Line 1 subs

To all line 1 players, As an experiment on the website there is now a mailto: email button to all line 1 subs Clicking on this button on the sub page should automatically open your email app and fill in all line 1 subs email addresses.  Thanks to Robbie Chan for the suggestion AND help in gathering email addresses.… Continue reading Line 1 subs

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Subs/spares and Goalies

Your Executive met Thursday to review many items and to get ready for our AGM  (Annual General Meeting); which will be held in October—date and times to be announced. Based on our conversations and feedback from the Membership—your Executive is implementing the following immediately: The sub/spare list is becoming a problem in managing it as… Continue reading Subs/spares and Goalies


In talking to Brian Obed—our Referee-in-Chief—he would like to thank all those players who have stepped forward and are doing a fantastic job. And your Executive thanks you as well. Brian also points out that close to 50% of the refereeing is done by the same players. So, just a little pep talk to ask… Continue reading Referees

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Captain’s & Goalies

CARHA and League Waivers: On Tuesday there will be a box on the counter containing your team envelope (Team # on envelope) with all the forms plus an envelope for the cheques. ($160 for hockey + $30 Annual Membership). When you have all the forms signed, please return your team envelope to the smaller box “Completed… Continue reading Captain’s & Goalies

Sept-Oct schedule

Attached to the email are the Captains letter (everyone please read) and Team Rosters, Sub List and Schedule. This session is 16 games at $10.00 game or $160.00  Also everyone is required to pay a $30.00 yearly fee due on the first game you play. You are required to pay the $30.00 if you want to remain an active… Continue reading Sept-Oct schedule

Stall Info

Our stall coordinator has updated the guidelines for obtaining and keeping a dressing room stall. Stall Info

Dressing Room Upgrades

We will be doing some dressing room upgrades over the next 6 weeks: Floors The floors will be stripped, cleaned and rewaxed plus the carpets removed and cleaned Therefore—the dressing room will be shut down from 8:00 am Friday July 8 till Monday July 11 at noon. Please keep away. If you have something to… Continue reading Dressing Room Upgrades

Sign-up Fall 2022

Signup sheets for Session #1 will be at the Rink today June 24th  This session is from Sept 6th to Oct 28th  which is 8 weeks for 16 games. There are only two ways to sign up:  Preferred way is at the rink if you are unable to make it to the rink in the… Continue reading Sign-up Fall 2022

President’s Message

September 2022 Hi Everyone—looks like September Hockey is ready to go. Shortly you’ll receive sign-up notices. For some—It’s been a long haul and I’m sure everyone is excited to get back on the ice. Congrats to all those who skated at Schroh. Congrats to all the players now playing Summer Hockey and also to those… Continue reading President’s Message

GW beer

Great Western is our beer sponsor for the league, so when purchasing any beer products this summer consider buying Great Western products and keep the receipts. We have a red coffee can marked Great Western at the rink and you can  put your receipts in there. We receive a case of beer for every 12… Continue reading GW beer

Beer Fridge

To all summer hockey players and the teams going to Kamloops. When I arrived at the rink this morning , to my dismay someone who played yesterday left the beer fridge door open. This is the second time this has happened in the past few weeks. It doesn’t take much effort to make sure the … Continue reading Beer Fridge

Stalls over summer

If you are not using your stall over the summer, please remove your equipment. (This is a request only)The three teams are practicing for the big games in August and would appreciate if all the players had a stall to use.Thank you from all your pals. Michael Cebryk

Stall allocation

Stall allocation for May to September As of Monday, May2, I will be putting the permanent stall members names up. If you want to use a stall please talk with the member to ensure they will not be using it.Have a great summer. See some of you at the golf tournament in June.I will be… Continue reading Stall allocation

From Saskatoon?

Here is a nice story for you and I really should share it with the whole club. You will be interested in this. As most know,  I go to Mesa for 5 ½ months every year.  When there I play tennis in the East Valley Senior tennis league. (EVSTL) Here is what happened. Went to… Continue reading From Saskatoon?

60+ Golf

The Annual Norm Skrudland 60+ Golf Tournament.Venue:  Valley Regional Park Golf Course in Rosthern.Date:  Wednesday, June 15, 2022  ………..  Shotgun Start:  9:30 am.Cost $65    (this includes;  fee, cart, and lunch)….There will be prizes and stuff.The tournament is a 9-hole Saskatchewan Scramble.  You will be assigned to a foursome with a captain. **********All group must… Continue reading 60+ Golf

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Ukrainian Crisis

Hi Everyone—based on quite a few calls and messages—I think this League should help out as the best we can. We have always stepped up and in this case, we wish to do also. Some talk was to use the 50/50; but it takes a month to make $500. This is much quicker plus we… Continue reading Ukrainian Crisis

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Directory Photos

WE ARE UPDATING OUR PLAYER PHOTO DIRECTORY. WORD CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER DAVE HUME WILL BE AT THE RINK ON TUESDAY MORNING FEB 1, 2022 AT 10:00 AM. He will takephotos and gather information on anybody new who wishes to have his/her photo for the newer updated directory.  “If you can come to the rink, I will… Continue reading Directory Photos

80+ H of Fame

The Saskatoon 60+ Hockey League is inducting approximately 20 players into the 80+  Hockey Hall of Fame on April 23 2022. The 80 Plus Hockey Hall of fame is a National,  nonprofit organization which recognizes active recreational hockey players 80 years of  age and older. This is a Historic National event and is being hosted… Continue reading 80+ H of Fame

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55+ Senior Games

Aug. 23 to 26 of this year. Those are the dates for the 55+ Canada Senior Games, in Kamloops B.C.   For those interested in playing hockey, sign-up sheets are in a black binder in the 60+ dressing room. Age categories are 60+, 65+, 70+, and 75+. Sign-up deadline is Jan. 31st. If you are unable… Continue reading 55+ Senior Games


A new video has been added to our website located on the League page. This useful video explains how to start the clock at the beginning of a game, and how to use the penalty timer for a 3 minute penalty.Thanks to Rick Kopeck for producing this video.

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Salvation Army

Salvation Army Month  –is this month December: All 50/50’s for Dec. go to the Salvation Army The Salvation Army “pail” willl be passed around the room and is also displayed on the counter. Please help out with all your loose change and any extra $5, $10 and $20 that you have laying around. If you… Continue reading Salvation Army

Proof Of Double -Vaccination

Captains/ Goalie Coordinators– please print off the attached Proof of Double Vaccination Recording sheet;.(download link) Please fill in the sheet for your team, goalies and subs Place in the box on the counter We will need these to keep track and record Everyone –reminder to bring proof starting Monday Nov 29—Thx in advance

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Great Western Brewery Receipts

Great Western Brewery is our beer sponsor for our league and through their generous support we can keep our beer prices where they are at. When purchasing any beer related products please consider buying any Great Western product.Please keep your receipt and there is a red coffee can at the rink marked beer receipts and… Continue reading Great Western Brewery Receipts

Cleaning the Stalls

You clean your vehicle because you see the dirt. The difference with the stall is you do not see the dirt (bacteria and other nasty stuff) however you might smell it. If your equipment or towels or your stall has a smell it isn’t sweat, it’s the excrement of the bacteria and its friends. So… Continue reading Cleaning the Stalls