With the influx of new players joining the 60+ hockey league, it is important for everyone to understand the philosophy around which our league was created.

The 60+ league has 4 cornerstones in its foundation. In order of priority, they are:


2) Exercise

3) Friendship and Socializing

4) Spirit of friendly competition

Our league is unique in its approach to the game that we love to play. Hockey is a game that is a combination of both emotion and skill, and sometimes it is rewarding, but also, it can be quite frustrating. Unfortunately, these frustrations create negative emotions which are verbalized in criticism directed at the officials, teammates and/or opponents.

If these 4 cornerstones of our league are contrary to how you wish to play hockey in our 60+ league, we offer the following: a) take some time away from the game to re-evaluate your beliefs, or b) find another more competitive league in which to play.

We have a spirit of sportsmanship and respect for each other, regardless of talent level. Each of us needs to show respect to our fellow members, in order to receive respect in return from our team-mates. We need to respect each other on the basis of sportsmanship and comradery, rather than on talent level.

There is no room in this league for players who insist on directing derogatory comments at officials, team-mates or other members of the league. We are here to play hockey and have fun.

To the new members – Welcome. We hope you enjoy this new ‘brotherhood’ . We are part of the only organization of its kind in Canada and are extremely proud of what we have.

See you on the ice.