Referee Jerseys and Black pants

The ref jerseys and pants will no longer be used as they are not washed everyday.  The jerseys will be replaced with a bib-type jersey.There will be enough bibs for the games and they will be placed in a bag after use.  All bibs will be washed on Fridays.Referees will be asked to use their own… Continue reading Referee Jerseys and Black pants

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Stall cleanliness

Reminder DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING ON THE FLOORRick comes to clean and he has to pick up after you.If he wanted to he could put whatever is on the floor in a garbage  and trash it.However he just has to stop and pick up after you.Please help him by picking up after yourself.Thank you. The Stall… Continue reading Stall cleanliness

Stall waiting list

Gentlemen To maintain, keep. your position on the stall waiting list you must be a member of the league.Thus you must pay the $30 annual fee.If you are on Injury Reserve (IR) you must let me know.The current list will be updated November 1st.If I have not heard from you I will assume you are… Continue reading Stall waiting list

Goal Crease Infractions

1. Any offensive player skating through the opposition goalie’s crease or having encroached into the goalie’s crease with one or two feet will force a stoppage in play immediately by the referee’s whistle. The subsequent faceoff will be in the neutral zone closest to the defensive zone as chosen by the referee. There will be… Continue reading Goal Crease Infractions

Referee Help

Brian Obed—Referee-in- Chief has asked for volunteer refs many times and also recently put on a ref clinic for those wishing to learn. And the referee sign -up sheets reflect a poor showing. Thanks to those who stepped up;’ but we need many more. So let’s everyone step up please: Step 1–Everyone is being asked… Continue reading Referee Help


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