Cleaning Protocols

Equipment Cleaning – click here to watch an excellent video explaining how to use the sanisport equipment cleaning machine at Schroh Arena

Cleaning the stalls – click here to watch a detailed video on how to properly clean the stall you have been using in the 60+ dressing room.

Cleanliness/ Sanitation

  1. Use sanitizer or hand wash before entering the dressing room or the front door of Schroh Arena.
  2. Wash your hands frequently
  3. Bring clean undergarments and towel(s) to each game. We strongly recommend that you take your wet stuff home and wash it after every game.
  4. For safety –use a towel to sit on when changing
  5. Use shower sandals
  6. Wash Jerseys and Gym bags frequently
  7. Lift the insoles from your skates—better for air drying.
  8. Spray bottles will be available to spray your equipment after every game. Please leave these bottles in the aisles; not on the front counter. Leaving them in the aisles—brings attention and hopefully more use!
  9. Clean your stall after every session whether you are the owner or a guest. Use Bioesque to clean the stall. Directions have been placed in the red pail under the counter and up top under the goalie schedule.
  10. Note—if your jersey or equipment has an odour; it means it’s a breeding ground for bacteria and infectious diseases and can be transferred from person to person. So, washing your equipment is like washing your hands—do it regularly please.
  11. Our 60+ league has decided to put two Hepa Filters in the room and a more efficient Fan over the sink. This will improve air quality.


  1. The League has an opportunity to use an electrostatic sprayer to apply a disinfectant to the room. This disinfectant will kill 100% of the pathogens that are there, then be used weekly to keep the room disinfected. The 60+ league will provide the disinfectant for the machine and the hand spray bottles. Bioseque is the chemical we use for the machine and hand sprayers. There are gallons of the chemical under the counter to refill the spray bottles. Please keep them full. Hand Spray your equipment after every game. The Electrostatic machine will be used 1-3 times per week depending on the need. Players using the dressing room outside of a regular scheduled game; follow all guidelines and protocols please and hand spray your equipment after each use. 
  2. Our 60+ league –has purchased a Sani Sport Equipment Cleaning Machine. This machine uses ultra violet bulbs which create ozone and disinfects your equipment. It’s a machine used by professional sport teams from all over the world. Use it often if you wish—maybe after each session. Takes only 12 minutes and the cost is only $20. It’s available for others to use as well: 50+ league, your kid’s or grandchildren’s teams, etc. All we ask is that you be there and supervise. Directions on how to use are on the machine. Ask one of our Executive Members for entry to the room and for the key to Darren Schroh’s Office.


These protocols/guidelines are for everyone’s safety and thus will change from time to time. We read and follow the SHA’s guidelines with the idea that we have the ability to add or change if the need requires. Please do everything you can to support our decisions and to work with us, ask questions and offer ideas and solutions when necessary. Remember—We Are A Team!!

Thx in advance—Your 60+ Executive