League Waiver

Saskatoon 60+ Hockey League

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Waiver Form—Condition of Play

As the decision to play is that of each player alone, it seems fair that each player accepts the risks of playing. We therefore ask that each player acknowledge the following:

  1. That the undersigned has read and understands the constitution, protocols and guidelines set out by the League and agrees to abide by them. It should be understood that the constitution, protocols and guidelines maybe updated and changed from time to time. Consequently, it is up to the undersigned to become aware and abide by the changes made.
  2. That the undersigned accepts all risks incurred while participating in the Saskatoon 60+ league; even if such loss or bodily injury occurs by reason of a mistake or negligence of any member or acting executive of the Saskatoon 60+ league.
  3. Since player participation and player safety is a priority within the Saskatoon 60+ League; it’s imperative that All New Players and Goalies attend our League’s Referee Clinic at your earliest convenience.
  4. Your 60+ Executive has approved this waiver form condition of play. Please sign the form below:

Acknowledged, Accepted and Agreed

Date __________________

Name (Print) ____________________________________________

Name (Signature) ______________________________________

Additional Information for the 60+ league:

The 60+ league also requires the following info to add or update the email list and directory:

Date of Birth_____________________________________________

Phone number____________________________________________


Contact person name_______________________________________

Contact person phone number________________________________

Are you playing in another league-List if you are? ________________________________