Summer hockey

Summer Hockey line 2. 

I am looking to fill out the lines. 

Summer hockey will start on Thursday May 5 @9:30 AM. We will play each Thursday morning. 

May and June will be at 9:30 AM, while due to hockey camps etc we will be starting at 8:00 AM in July and August. 

The cost will be $150 per player, payable in cash at first game, which will cover you for the summer. 

I am planning on having 24 players (12 per side), and maybe a spare list again. We have two referees committed (or that should be committed) 

Let me know if you want to play.. 

I have the following that have already signed up;

  1. Stan Johnson
  2. Michael Brannen
  3. Al Mcdougall
  4. Charles Renny
  5. Gary young
  6. Tex Klassen
  7. Bill Orban
  8. Mike Chirpilo
  9. Harvey Birns
  10. Rod Meier
  11. Brian Berquist
  12. John Behme
  13. Jim Wasserman
  14. Al Henry
  15. Garry Johnston 

Spare list:

  1. Neil Ketilson
  2. Charlie Simpson


  1. Jerry Demeria
  2. Bill Brown

We will follow the same Covid rules for summer hockey as per our league. Double vaccinated, masks etc. 

Let me know if you want to play again this summer. 

Jerry Demeria

Saskatoon, Sask

Cel # 306 250-6807.