The stall coordinator is Michael Cebryk.

Stall Allocation April 2022

1.  Gerry Weinkauf144. Mike Brannen75
2.  Tim Leis45. Don Griffith
3.  Dennis Puff46. Trent Koehler
4.  Jim Greenshields347. Garry Prediger
5. Buck Blandford748. Kelly Powell
6. Arvid Nillson2749. Ken Dixon
7. Steve Hyde50. Marvin Mountney71
8. Joe Burnett1551. Phil MacIntyre
9. Clair McCarty52. Clarence Norton103
10. Cary Humphrey53. Morley Norton
11. Ron Fisher54. Dennis Rimmer
12. Alvin Kolach10655. Mike Baribeau
13. Bill Dyck56. Dennis Frey
14. Dave Babey4457. Ken Ramler59
15. Philip Johnson58. Kevin Carswell112
16. Peter Wilkins6459. Drew Britz26
17. Casey Bowers660. Eldon MacKay
18. Dennis Moore61. Doug Turnbull
19. Scott Grant2462. Murray Gronsdal
20. Cecil Dust9963. Dale Babuik
21. Larry Walker3764. Martin Altwaiser
22. Brian Haines9765. Daryl Jorgenson
23. Rod Meier66. Gerry Bonsal
24. Garry Ayotte67. John Dyck
25. Bill Dean9568. Don Johannesson
26. Kevin Golding69. Mike Gawley
27. Dave Riggs5570. Neil Ketilson
28. Wes MacPherson5771. Dale Hoffman
29. Wayne Kowalski8872. Dave Westgard
30. Dave Spencer73. Armond Meagher
31. Terry Hymers1974. Jim Johnston
32.Chuck Hainsworth9075. Bob Paisley
33. Rick Holtom1877. Al Lingel
34. Gary Crawford78. Scott Yausie
35. Jim Wassermann3279. Al Hoffmann
36. Robby Chan7780. Doug Davis
37. Martin Erlandson81. Glen Willick
38. Rod Massett82. Perry Polishchuk
39. Bill Orban1183. Reid Corbett
40. Ken Sutherland10284. Pat McAdam
41. Stan Johnson12185. Neil MacIntyre
42. Allan Henry10986. Paul Tremblay
43. Noel Craddock40
April 2022

Cleaning the Stalls (click here for info)

Guidelines for Stall Allocation: Thank you for your cooperation.

November 01, 2021

  1. To maintain a permanent stall, a player must play at least three sessions a year.
  2. If a player is a spare, he may be required to give up his stall to a full-time player as required.
  3. Player on sick/injury or business leave. Must keep stall coordinator informed of status. Status to be updated and reviewed annually. Stall held for 2 years.
  4. For a player to maintain his position on the stall waiting list he must maintain his membership in the Saskatoon 60 Plus Hockey League by paying his annual membership by September 30.
  5. Players must email stall coordinator to be placed on Stall Wait List.
  6. Goalies receive priority for permanent stalls.
  7. Hockey bags are not to be left over night in the dressing room. Any bags left overnight may be confiscated with a bounty attached for return. The first occurrence will result in a reminder that bags are not to be left behind. Any future occurrences may result in a player losing his stall privileges.
  8. Any player going away for 1 or more sessions is required to clear out his stall so it can be allocated to a caretaker for the period he is away. When the player returns late in the next session (6 games left or fewer) he will need to wait till the end of the session to reclaim his stall. However, a goalie will reclaim his stall immediately upon his return.
  9. Any player, who takes an open stall on his own, will be informed that he cannot do so. If this occurs a second time, he will be moved to the bottom of the wait list if he is on the wait list. A third time will take the player off the wait list for one full year.
  10. Any permanently stalled player who wishes to allow a caretaker to use the stall while he is gone for less than 1 session please contact the Stall Coordinator.