Health Guidelines

Updated June 16, 2022

Protocols and Guidelines are not a guarantee that we can keep everyone healthy but mitigation is our reward. These guidelines are in effect to protect you, your families and fellow players. To take advantage of the benefits there are actions we all need to take. Three Categories; Precautions, Cleanliness and Sanitation.


  1. Risks—yes—Be smart, Be aware of your surroundings
  2. Not Feeling Well/ Sick/ Fever/ Flu like symptoms-Stay home, self-test, get tested or call the SHA help line.
  3. Proof of Vaccination- to play in the Saskatoon 60+ Hockey league—you must be double-vaccinated. If required—we will ask for proof.
  4. Masks—Recommended and preferred; but not mandatory. Be smart.
  5. Socializingagain—spread out and beware of your surroundings. We are not saying it’s party time; we’re recommending you be smart and limit your socializing and stay safe. If it’s a birthday or special occasion—one who brings food or drink—cleans up completely please. Debris out, garbage out and all remaining food and disposable cutlery out. Wipe counters and everything in site before you leave.