Hi guys.

Tuesday is the start of the second half of our hockey season. Thanks to all the guys ( 135 of you ) that stepped up to officiate at least one game in the first half. With the start of the second half we need to start over again and I hope for even better support. There are about 100 guys that played regularly that did not ref a game so there’s lots of room for improvement. We will be having a couple more clinics in late January, early February for those that missed our first efforts and still want to attend one, so watch for further posts on that. Attached is the ref schedule for next week and as you can see we have a lot of holes. Check your schedules and if you can fill one of these gaps let me know and I’ll pencil you in. The second game on Tuesday has been filled but upon last inspection the rest of the blanks still need somebody.

Thanks for your continued support.


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