Unauthorized Stall Use

THERE IS A DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE AND THE STALL CZAR IS NOT PLEASED. I found 2 unauthorized players using the dressing room.One had his equipment in stall 44 the other had his equipment on the floor beside stall 44. I moved the equipment onto the bench in stall 24. If the equipment is still… Continue reading Unauthorized Stall Use

Player Medical Forms

Gentlemen It’s a new year and we are back in business after a busy holiday season. Now, we need to visit the player medical forms once again. Rick Kopeck will be heading the sessions to provide the information on the medical form. This is a voluntary program but it would be most beneficial to all… Continue reading Player Medical Forms

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Blades Seniors Game

The Saskatoon Blades have a Seniors theme on Friday, March 8,2024. Once again the Blades are requesting that we demonstrate our hockey skills during the first intermission of their game. Apparently the Blades received very positive reviews at last year’s game and fans expressed a desire to see us in action again. A sign up… Continue reading Blades Seniors Game

Neck Guards/Beer

Neck Guards Seeing that we were unable to find a volume purchase; we will extend the neck guard mandate till the 15th of January. Please get one and hopefully you received one for Christmas. Player Safety is a Must in this league and we are being poroactive! So, get on the band wagon please. Beer/Pop Increase… Continue reading Neck Guards/Beer


Hi guys. Tuesday is the start of the second half of our hockey season. Thanks to all the guys ( 135 of you ) that stepped up to officiate at least one game in the first half. With the start of the second half we need to start over again and I hope for even… Continue reading Referees

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Wet Wear

Several players have commented on the wet garments in some stalls throughout the room that don’t get taken home for a thorough cleaning after games.We’ve strived to keep the nasties at bay in the room by following the protocols adopted by us all when it comes to keeping the bugs at bay.We have to give… Continue reading Wet Wear

Ref Clinics

Just a reminder of our ref clinics this month, Dec. 7th and 14th. The sign up sheets are posted by the schedule. Not necessary to sign them to attend but it would give us a better idea of how many to expect. Appreciate all those that have attended the first 2. Hope to see as… Continue reading Ref Clinics

Stall Construction

The Stall Building Committee will be posting signup sheets, in a folder on the dressing room counter, for volunteer stall builders. (example included) The start-up dates will depend upon the readiness and availability of the new dressing room. The Committee is attempting to have a suitable crew for each day of stall construction.  The Committee… Continue reading Stall Construction

Supplementary sub/spare list

Any Division A & B full-time players that are interested in being on a supplementary sublist for your division please respond to me by email @ grant.miller@shaw.ca. There will be 2 sublists for each of divisions A&B. The main sublist for each division will be for regular subs (those not playing full-time) and a NEW supplementary sublist for… Continue reading Supplementary sub/spare list

New Player Signings

We will not be taking any more new players till the new year; full-time or subs. WE do have three names from last week that we will sign—Brent Neilsen, Kevin Lucas and Bill Dyck. We will look at it in mid Jan/24 after we see where we are at. This is not forever; If we… Continue reading New Player Signings

Hockey in Bejing

Doug Bartake is capable of organizing a 60 plus Hockey mini-tournament in China. He has a contact there that would organize games according to our desired skill level. At present, Doug is seeing if there is enough interest. A team from 11 to 15 players, including wives would suffice.  Airfare, return is around $2500 to… Continue reading Hockey in Bejing

Dressing Room Expansion Fee

The executive thanks all the member for the great turn out at the past Special General Meeting, regarding the dressing room expansion. Your support and endorsement for the agreements presented by the executive, between 60 plus Hockey and Schroh Arena Ltd., are much appreciated.  We are requesting all present permanent stall players to submit their… Continue reading Dressing Room Expansion Fee

Stall Fees

All players with stalls #  1 -121—your $300 fee for your stall is due immediately please: As most of you can see; the Expansion is well on it’s way. Lookin good!! REMINDER—SIGN-UP FOR FULL-TIME FOR NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER IS OCTOBER 6 – a week tomorrow. Sign-up sheets are in the dressing room or if you… Continue reading Stall Fees

Special Membership Meeting

Recap of the Saskatoon 60+ Hockey league’s Special Membership Meeting Held-June 20/ 2023 at the WDM Hi Everyone: A big thank you to all for the fantastic attendance; thanks to the Executive for their Support and of course the Expansion Committee-Brian Sinclair, Buck Blandford, Dave Hume, Ken Crump and lead by your Vice-President-Harve Birns. Thanks… Continue reading Special Membership Meeting

80+ Hall of Fame

Below is a video link to the 19 minute “Trailer” a short version of the days Events. If you like it; you’ll really enjoy the complete version—approximately 90 minutes on sale now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drCeXHhXnqQ Highlights of the Complete Version of the Canadian 80+ Hall of Fame Games and Induction are:Don Cherry introduces our days’ Events-April 23, 2022Kerry… Continue reading 80+ Hall of Fame

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A few questions have come forward regarding facial protection as per our helmets as it refers to the CARHA Insurance:

Website Update

With the new year brings a fresh approach to our league website. The website has grown in size and complexity, so we will now be using a team approach. New assistant website administrators are Grant Miller and Neil MacIntyre (thanks for volunteering.) Grant and Neil have complete administrative privileges for our website. Grant will now be maintaining the sub page Neil MacIntyre… Continue reading Website Update

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CARHA forms

CARHA forms are required from EVERYONE The CARHA form is required and submitted by me to CARHA to show them that you are registered with the 60+ League.CARHA then has a copy for every league you play with.You only pay one registration fee however you are then covered in every league you play in and… Continue reading CARHA forms

From Saskatoon?

Here is a nice story for you and I really should share it with the whole club. You will be interested in this. As most know,  I go to Mesa for 5 ½ months every year.  When there I play tennis in the East Valley Senior tennis league. (EVSTL) Here is what happened. Went to… Continue reading From Saskatoon?

80+ H of Fame

The Saskatoon 60+ Hockey League is inducting approximately 20 players into the 80+  Hockey Hall of Fame on April 23 2022. The 80 Plus Hockey Hall of fame is a National,  nonprofit organization which recognizes active recreational hockey players 80 years of  age and older. This is a Historic National event and is being hosted… Continue reading 80+ H of Fame

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A new video has been added to our website located on the League page.https://saskatoon60plushockey.net/?page_id=11 This useful video explains how to start the clock at the beginning of a game, and how to use the penalty timer for a 3 minute penalty.Thanks to Rick Kopeck for producing this video.

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Proof Of Double -Vaccination

Captains/ Goalie Coordinators– please print off the attached Proof of Double Vaccination Recording sheet;.(download link) Please fill in the sheet for your team, goalies and subs Place in the box on the counter We will need these to keep track and record Everyone –reminder to bring proof starting Monday Nov 29—Thx in advance

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