From Saskatoon?

Here is a nice story for you and I really should share it with the whole club. You will be interested in this.

As most know,  I go to Mesa for 5 ½ months every year.  When there I play tennis in the East Valley Senior tennis league. (EVSTL)

Here is what happened.

Went to play tennis at another park /location and I was wearing my green  “Sask. Rider cap”  Well this guy from the other park shows up on the court with his tennis mate and he said to me,  “ I see you are from Saskatchewan.” 
Stan, “Yes, and you are from?
He said, “Regina , and you are from?” 
Stan, “Saskatoon.”  
He said, “When I retired a few years ago I begged my wife to move to Saskatoon.”    
Stan, “Really? Regina is okay.”  
He said, “You guys have that rink up there where retired guys play hockey all winter and summer in the daytime.” 
Stan, “Yes , and it is fantastic!”   
He said, “You have no idea how lucky you are to have that.”   Basically end of story.  Funny how that meeting him happened.

Stan Johnson

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