Stall Construction

The Stall Building Committee will be posting signup sheets, in a folder on the dressing room counter, for volunteer stall builders. (example included) The start-up dates will depend upon the readiness and availability of the new dressing room. The Committee is attempting to have a suitable crew for each day of stall construction. 

The Committee will organize flexible working crew (10 – 12 individuals) over the entire construction time (approximately 4 weeks) based on the signup sheets. Working the day of, and around your hockey day games, is a possibility.

Crews will be set up according to your volunteer information listed on the signup sheets. This is covered under AVALIABILITY ( any time or specific days you can work) and PREFERENCE ( jobs you feel comfortable with)

Carpentry: includes operation of table saws, router sleds, hand routers, etc.

Assembly: includes woodwork, building, shelves, benches, hardware connections and brackets. (Handyman stuff)

General Maintenance: involves day-to-day setup, cleanup, lifting, assisting, hauling, gopher work, etc. (Guys with trucks might be needed for helping Al Wekerle, Rod Gibson, and other Committee Members.)

Painting: is self-explanatory.

Other specific crews and jobs will be at the discretion of the Committee

SAFETY WORKING FEATURES WILL BE ADHERED TO:  safety glasses, appropriate clothing and boots.

We are all excited about almost doubling the size of our dressing room. I’m confident many 60 plus players will volunteer their spare time to this project. 

Harve Birns

Committee Liason

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