Stall Selection Expansion


The selection process will commence at 1:30 pm Wednesday May 1 at the rink.

There are 86 stalls to be selected at this time.

Goalies have 7 stalls.

3 stalls go to players displaced by the door and removal of a small corner stall.

Total stall addition is 96.

If you are on page one of the list and have not paid the $300, you have until April 30 to pay up to be eligible to select a stall.

If you decide not to pay for a stall at this time your name will remain on the waiting list in its current order.

If you are on page two of the list you may be eligible for a stall at this time depending if the 10 on page 1 pay by April 30.  I will contact you directly.

If you are not able to be at the rink on May 1 I will have a member of the executive draw a stall number for you.

Move in date will be announced by Harve Birns the construction coordinator.

Michael Cebryk
Your Benevolent Stall Tsar

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