Neck Guards/Beer

Neck Guards Seeing that we were unable to find a volume purchase; we will extend the neck guard mandate till the 15th of January. Please get one and hopefully you received one for Christmas. Player Safety is a Must in this league and we are being poroactive! So, get on the band wagon please. Beer/Pop Increase… Continue reading Neck Guards/Beer

Ref Clinics

Just a reminder of our ref clinics this month, Dec. 7th and 14th. The sign up sheets are posted by the schedule. Not necessary to sign them to attend but it would give us a better idea of how many to expect. Appreciate all those that have attended the first 2. Hope to see as… Continue reading Ref Clinics


A few questions have come forward regarding facial protection as per our helmets as it refers to the CARHA Insurance:

Goal Crease Infractions

1. Any offensive player skating through the opposition goalie’s crease or having encroached into the goalie’s crease with one or two feet will force a stoppage in play immediately by the referee’s whistle. The subsequent faceoff will be in the neutral zone closest to the defensive zone as chosen by the referee. There will be… Continue reading Goal Crease Infractions