Website Update

With the new year brings a fresh approach to our league website. The website has grown in size and complexity, so we will now be using a team approach. New assistant website administrators are Grant Miller and Neil MacIntyre (thanks for volunteering.) Grant and Neil have complete administrative privileges for our website.

Grant will now be maintaining the sub page

Neil MacIntyre will be now maintaining the player directory

Many thanks goes out to Murray Taylor who maintained the player directory for the last ten years or so back in the days when the league used parchment paper and courier pigeons. Murray will continue to be our communications director and maintain a Google Groups email list. Those abusing Google Groups will have privileges on Groups removed by Murray.

Ron Dagert and his team will continue set up the initial team rosters along with the sub list at the beginning of each new session.

The team rosters, schedules, dressing room stalls, and goalie schedule have been updated for the new session. Thanks to those behind the scenes setting it all up on a computer for us to place on the website.

Terry Cook has submitted some excellent photos from the 80+ Induction Ceremony.

Happy New Year from your Website Team!

Phil MacIntyre

website administrator

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