Stalls for split session

Gentlemen and players of hockey with assigned stalls.If you’re splitting along monthly line (ie January and February or March and April) You will have your stall for the month you are playing however you will be required to clean out your stall for the month you are not here.Please contact me with your stall-splitting time-table.Thank you… Continue reading Stalls for split session

Goalie co-ordinators

Beginning January 2023, Peter Rolston and Rick Kopeck will be the goalie co-ordinators. Peter’s main responsibility will be creating the goalies’ schedule for each of the 8-week sessions; Rick’s will be finding fill ins and subs on those occasions when a goalie is unable to play their scheduled game. Please direct your comments, concerns and questions regarding… Continue reading Goalie co-ordinators

New Sign Up Binders

All 60 plus Hockey Players  Note Dealine to sign up is Friday Dec 9th not Feb 10th   Sign up Binders are now at the rink for Session # 3 Which will run from January 2nd until March 3rd 2023. Please follow instructions on the cover of the binders. White Binder Full time Players only Red Binder Sub Players… Continue reading New Sign Up Binders

Clean Up

Clean up Socializing is allowed but in a smart mode We do not have people hired to clean up garbage, bottle, cans and messy aisles Richard is hired to clean the showers, spray the room plus mop and vacuum; not be a maid. Please help and clean up your mess if you made it Thx… Continue reading Clean Up

Stalls Update

The stall allocations are in effect on Monday Oct 31. I will move the Name Plates as required. If you are leaving a stall or are moving from one stall to another please clean the stall as per the league stall cleaning protocols (see website). IF YOU HAVE A PERMANENT STALL YOUR NAME IS NOT… Continue reading Stalls Update

Omicron Variant

In reading; this new one is being stated as easily spreadable and rapidly appearing throughout Saskatchewan and our City: Just a reminder to be diligent Be aware of your surroundings Respiratory diseases are in season Stay safe and take care of yourselves and your hockey brothers. If you have symptoms—self test Ken C Views: 0

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AGM / Christmas Party

AGM—Annual General Meeting–2022 Set for Thursday Nov 17 at the WDM-Western Development Museum Free pizza at 2:30 pm;  Meeting begins 3:00 pm sharp. Cash Bar and Pop. Maybe a really good door prize!! Be there and meet your Executive and see how the League is run. Be part of the action. Mark your calendars— Christmas… Continue reading AGM / Christmas Party


In order to be a spare in our league you must be a league member and have all waivers signed.Otherwise you can be held liable and not covered by the CARHA insurance.Looking through the spare sign up log, there are a couple players who have not completed their league waivers nor the CARHA waiver.Waivers are… Continue reading Spares/Subs

CARHA forms

CARHA forms are required from EVERYONE The CARHA form is required and submitted by me to CARHA to show them that you are registered with the 60+ League.CARHA then has a copy for every league you play with.You only pay one registration fee however you are then covered in every league you play in and… Continue reading CARHA forms

Line 1 subs

To all line 1 players, As an experiment on the website there is now a mailto: email button to all line 1 subs Clicking on this button on the sub page should automatically open your email app and fill in all line 1 subs email addresses.  Thanks to Robbie Chan for the suggestion AND help in gathering email addresses.… Continue reading Line 1 subs

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Subs/spares and Goalies

Your Executive met Thursday to review many items and to get ready for our AGM  (Annual General Meeting); which will be held in October—date and times to be announced. Based on our conversations and feedback from the Membership—your Executive is implementing the following immediately: The sub/spare list is becoming a problem in managing it as… Continue reading Subs/spares and Goalies


In talking to Brian Obed—our Referee-in-Chief—he would like to thank all those players who have stepped forward and are doing a fantastic job. And your Executive thanks you as well. Brian also points out that close to 50% of the refereeing is done by the same players. So, just a little pep talk to ask… Continue reading Referees

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Captain’s & Goalies

CARHA and League Waivers: On Tuesday there will be a box on the counter containing your team envelope (Team # on envelope) with all the forms plus an envelope for the cheques. ($160 for hockey + $30 Annual Membership). When you have all the forms signed, please return your team envelope to the smaller box “Completed… Continue reading Captain’s & Goalies

Sept-Oct schedule

Attached to the email are the Captains letter (everyone please read) and Team Rosters, Sub List and Schedule. This session is 16 games at $10.00 game or $160.00  Also everyone is required to pay a $30.00 yearly fee due on the first game you play. You are required to pay the $30.00 if you want to remain an active… Continue reading Sept-Oct schedule

Stall Info

Our stall coordinator has updated the guidelines for obtaining and keeping a dressing room stall. Stall Info Views: 0

Dressing Room Upgrades

We will be doing some dressing room upgrades over the next 6 weeks: Floors The floors will be stripped, cleaned and rewaxed plus the carpets removed and cleaned Therefore—the dressing room will be shut down from 8:00 am Friday July 8 till Monday July 11 at noon. Please keep away. If you have something to… Continue reading Dressing Room Upgrades

Sign-up Fall 2022

Signup sheets for Session #1 will be at the Rink today June 24th  This session is from Sept 6th to Oct 28th  which is 8 weeks for 16 games. There are only two ways to sign up:  Preferred way is at the rink if you are unable to make it to the rink in the… Continue reading Sign-up Fall 2022

President’s Message

September 2022 Hi Everyone—looks like September Hockey is ready to go. Shortly you’ll receive sign-up notices. For some—It’s been a long haul and I’m sure everyone is excited to get back on the ice. Congrats to all those who skated at Schroh. Congrats to all the players now playing Summer Hockey and also to those… Continue reading President’s Message

GW beer

Great Western is our beer sponsor for the league, so when purchasing any beer products this summer consider buying Great Western products and keep the receipts. We have a red coffee can marked Great Western at the rink and you can  put your receipts in there. We receive a case of beer for every 12… Continue reading GW beer

Beer Fridge

To all summer hockey players and the teams going to Kamloops. When I arrived at the rink this morning , to my dismay someone who played yesterday left the beer fridge door open. This is the second time this has happened in the past few weeks. It doesn’t take much effort to make sure the … Continue reading Beer Fridge

Stalls over summer

If you are not using your stall over the summer, please remove your equipment. (This is a request only)The three teams are practicing for the big games in August and would appreciate if all the players had a stall to use.Thank you from all your pals. Michael Cebryk Views: 0