Senior Day at Sask Tel Centre

Thanks goes out to the organizers, coaches, and players of Senior Day at the Saskatoon Blades hockey game on Friday.

Our mini- game was well received by the large crowd in attendance. 

I believe our guys did a great job in representing our 60 plus league, and the longevity we offer to all players, to continue playing the game we all love .

  Many in attendance were greeted with, and offered their comments with both surprise and admiration, of the performance of our Legends.

Also, a big thanks to the guys who showed up for an early Saturday morning work party,  in regards to our dressing room expansion. We will soon be starting the construction of player stalls.

We have a list of volunteers that signed up to help, and will be contacting you personally and by phone.

Meanwhile, remember for all, to take ownership, as a member of 60 plus hockey 🏒  both on and off the ice. It is both a privilege and duty, to be a part of this unique hockey fraternity. Competitiveness, responsibility and fellowship all wrapped up in one. We are lucky. 

George Harvey Birns

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